Apartments in NJ: Easy Commuting at Brick Church Train Station

An apartment in NJ offers residents numerous advantages over similar properties in the city: more spacious homes with more generous floorplans, better surrounding amenities and attractions, and more reasonable monthly rates. Even so, many New Yorkers have steady employment within the city proper and want to preserve their satisfying work lives as they move to a better location in Orange or East Orange, NJ. How can residents in buildings managed by Benjamin H. Realty Corp. commute easily into the city? Nearby Brick Church train station connects former New York natives not only to the jobs they work every day, but also to the bustling communities of northern New Jersey.

Brick Church Train Station is only 20 minutes away from New York’s Penn Station. It also offers nearby commuters easy access along the Morris-Essex line to Hoboken, Secaucus, Morristown, Summit, and many more destinations. Tickets are affordable and offered in convenient denominations, so regular commuters can save with each ride they take. Benjamin H. Realty Corp. owns and manages the best properties in Orange and East Orange, two of the most popular locations for New Jersey apartments. Our company helps prospective tenants every step of the way: if you are interested in a home that will enrich your life and enhance your commute, contact us today!


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