Enjoy Winter in NJ with a New Jersey Apartment

Winter in New York City may be nice to look at, but on street level, it can present even the most savvy resident a major challenge. Slippery streets, crowded subways, and mass transit delays can throw a wrench into everyday plans and make life tougher in the coldest season. Here in northern New Jersey, we get our share of winter weather as well — but with excellent civic services, spacious neighborhoods, and multiple transportation options, we’re well equipped to take it in stride. Residents of Benjamin H. Realty Corp. buildings, home to some of the best apartments for rent in NJ, can enjoy the season and celebrate with true peace of mind.

Best of all, our communities are welcoming and engaging, with easy access to many nearby amenities. Open parks give families plenty of room to enjoy the season, and accessible transportation can carry riders to visit more distant family members for the holidays. We’re an amazing option for New Yorkers who love the promise of life in the big city, but want to be able to come home to a calmer, warmer environment when the work day ends. We’re here to help whenever you need us: explore apartments in NJ and trust us to assist at every stage of the process.


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