The Edge: Modern, Family Apartments in NJ

Starting a family in one of our northern NJ communities is a smart choice that promises rewards immediately as well as years down the line. For NYC professionals escaping the hectic lifestyle of the crowded city proper, New Jersey offers an oasis of calm and order perfect for new or budding families. One of our featured apartments for rent in NJ, the Edge, is especially well-suited for family life, with affordable units available in sizes ranging from one bedroom to three bedroom. The generous floorplans will give families plenty of room to grow while nurturing a sense of closeness and harmony among family members. Situated in scenic East Orange, NJ, the Edge is just 20 minutes from Midtown, connected to the central New York district via the Midtown Direct train line accessible at nearby Brick Church Train Station.

Families who move into the Edge can take advantage of many natural resources in the area, including the popular Orange Park with its open courts and fields. There are also a number of quality learning institutions in the area, including Rutgers, Seton Hall, and NJIT. The Edge is one of our most conveniently located and fully featured New Jersey apartments — we welcome anyone currently looking for a new home to visit and explore this modern space.


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