The Meridian: Featured Apartments in New Jersey

the meridianMoving into an apartment in New Jersey is a big step. The process is complex and involves a lot of decisions and some hard work. Of course, in the end, the rewards are truly life-changing: a safe refuge, surrounded by the beauty of nature and in close proximity to great shopping and attractions. That’s why we at Benjamin H. Realty Corp. help our customers through every step of the process, from finding the perfect new home to signing paperwork and moving in. We also feature our best properties so they’re easiest to find. If you’re just beginning your search, we can recommend no better place to start than the Meridian.

Featuring some of the best values in our entire community, the Meridian is newly renovated. The building includes studio apartments, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. On-site parking is available for new residents who own cars, and a nearby playground makes the Meridian a perfect choice for incoming families. Affordable rents are also a winning feature at the Meridian. Local property management ensures a quick response in the event of any issues in the home, while professional landscaping keeps the building looking its best year-round. Visit today or stop by online at to learn more.


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