Make the Most of Spring in Northern NJ

nj parkSpring is approaching, with the last few days of snow and cold rolling across the region. We’re looking forward to welcoming the new season throughout our community of grateful tenants and expert employees. From our neighborhoods in northern New Jersey, in the beautiful towns of Orange and East Orange, we have plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy warmer weather. The cramped confines of NYC proper don’t leave much room for nature to blossom, but in our cozier towns, we have multiple parks nearby for recreation, sports events, or just relaxing in the bright sun. It’s also easy to get back into New York from Orange as well as East Orange, thanks to the nearby mass transit station and the short commute it facilitates. Locals can live in the more affordable and spacious housing our company manages, but still keep up, for example, their traditional springtime visits to Central Park.

We’re proud to count many former New York residents in our community and we’re eager to introduce the many amenities of life in northern NJ to even more urban professionals this season. At Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we help savvy clients rent apartments in NJ that will deliver an amazing experience throughout the year. Spring is the perfect time to schedule a visit: view an apartment now at


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