A Safe, Reliable Commute: Brick Church Train Station

the meridianLiving in northern NJ offers residents many advantages over nearby New York City: more spacious housing, more accessible amenities, and a welcoming community supported by some of the most qualified property management experts in the business. Still, for many locals, New York City is an essential part of life. Midtown Manhattan businesses employ a large percentage of the area’s talent. Reaching a workplace in Manhattan is a primary concern for many of the new tenants we welcome to our premier living spaces. Thankfully, we can offer  our residents a safe, reliable, and fast commute to NYC at nearby Brick Church Train Station, a central East Orange landmark that connects hometown to midtown.

Brick Church Train Station provides an easy route to NYC’s Penn Station, a transit hub for numerous subway lines and outbound trains. In the other direction, Brick Church is home to New Jersey Transit lines bound for Summit, Morristown, and more. Mass transit can be more affordable, safer, and faster than driving, even for former residents of the outer boroughs. Combined with the many other advantages of an apartment in NJ, swift transit makes living in a Benjamin H. Realty Corp. building an upgrade in every sense. We’re always eager to hear from prospective tenants and share the best of the experience we offer at Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s http://www.BenjaminHRealty.com.


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