The Edge: A Commuter’s Dream Home

apartments in NJMany of our incoming residents work in New York City, and for good reason: the metropolis is a major commercial and cultural center, with opportunities for professionals in almost any field. In particular, midtown Manhattan is a nexus for employees throughout the region. That said, New York can be a challenging place to live. Bustling and crowded, the city’s streets can cause stress for many residents. Benjamin H. Realty Corp. offers working New Yorkers the best of both worlds: stress-free, spacious, and affordable housing in northern New Jersey, plus quick access to Manhattan via commuter trains.

The Edge houses many of our most attractive units, as the picture shows. Durable hardwood floors provide a solid foundation for any lifestyle. On-site parking and laundry facilities add conveniences many New Yorkers can’t enjoy in the city. A 24-hour Shop-Rite a mere three blocks away ensures that all tenants have what they need, whenever they need it. Most importantly, a short walk to Brick Church Train Station will get residents into the city within 20 minutes. This commute is much shorter than many found throughout the five boroughs and gives New Yorkers a chance to upgrade. Visit us today to find out more about the Edge and other buildings with available apartments in NJ.


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