Spacious and Convenient: Twin Oaks

twin oaksWhat’s the one major trait that separates our amazing apartments in New Jersey from similar spaces in New York City, where many of our tenants previously lived? For many newcomers, it all comes down to square footage. Twin Oaks, pictured, is one of the Featured Properties with New Jersey apartments available to prospective tenants. Like many of our Featured Properties, Twin Oaks is distinguished by one winning feature: in this case, it’s available space. The property’s apartments are all refreshingly spacious, with plenty of room for multiple residents and their belongings.

Like all of our East orange apartments, homes in Twin Oaks have access to a neighborhood brimming with convenient amenities and rewarding destinations. Twin Oaks is only 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan, thanks to frequent trains arriving at nearby East Orange and Brick Church train stations. The building is also surrounded by stellar educational institutions for every grade. This makes Twin Oaks a perfect place for families leaving New York or just arriving in the northern NJ area to make a new home and build a fulfilling lifestyle. With expert property management from Benjamin H. Realty Corp. and a community of friendly neighbors already living nearby, Twin Oaks is one of the easiest properties for us to recommend. We’re looking forward to seeing you there for a visit!


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