Stay Comfortable This Summer

promenadeSummer is a great season with plenty of opportunities for social interaction and recreation. It’s easy to enjoy the warmer weather wherever you are, but certain areas present challenges unique to the summer season. Urban centers, in particular, can become less comfortable when the weather gets hotter. Usually crowded with tourists enjoying the sights, plus regular residents taking a chance to go outdoors, bigger cities can be high-stress environments even during the relaxing months of summer. Many of the tenants who now live in Benjamin H. Realty Corp. buildings previously spent summers in New York City, where they often report being uncomfortable in the heat.

Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s buildings feature helpful climate control additions and other conveniences, allowing residents more control over their environments. Outside the unit, many buildings are located in close proximity to outdoor spaces that sport pools and other summer destinations. Our company’s expert agents are passionate about introducing the incoming tenants to our community and sharing the best of what we have to offer in any season. Summer is a perfect time to move: before the heat waves arrive and the city becomes uncomfortable, do some research and stop by one of our buildings in northern NJ. The apartments available will surprise and delight.


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