Safe, Convenient Transit: Reduce Your Commute

apartments in NJSummer offers many opportunities for outdoor adventurers, families, and more, but it does bring along some challenges for frequent travelers. Lugging extra gear on a lengthy commute isn’t so bad in fair spring weather, but it can be a serious problem in the height of summer heat. What can you do to make summer more comfortable? Cutting down on long-distance travel is a great first step. If you’re a professional in New York City who commutes an hour or more into a high-stress job, you can enjoy a much more convenient, affordable, and relaxing commute with NJ Transit or other public transportation systems. An apartment in a northern New Jersey town such as an Orange or East Orange apartment will put you in the perfect spot: not too close to the city to get stuck in urban traffic, but not too far away.

On public transit, you can even spend your commute doing something relaxing, like reading a book or listening to a podcast. You’ll have more space to stow your gear and you’ll be able to predict the time of your arrival much more accurately. Avoid the hassle, enjoy the experience: Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s amazing properties provide benefits beyond their front doors.


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