Relax in a New Home

the meridianBenjamin H. Realty Corp. employs an expert team of property managers, real estate agents, and custom service professionals who see to each tenant’s concerns in as timely a manner as possible. In the course of resolving issues and improving life for our community, many of our team members have met a significant subset of tenants who moved to Orange or East Orange, NJ from an apartment in New York City proper. Life in the city is rewarding, offering access to cultural opportunities, world-class entertainment, and professional prospects unmatched elsewhere in the region. It’s also occasionally a trying environment in which to live: crowded by a large population, constantly buzzing with activity, and a consistent drain on personal finances.

Living in Orange or East Orange can alleviate some of these drawbacks while preserving access to the benefits. More spacious apartments and greener communities can lessen the fatigue many city-dwellers report, and more affordable rents can make New Jersey apartments a more viable long-term option. For those looking to build a more permanent home, start a family, or simply live a more relaxed life, an apartment in our community is a perfect fit. Stop by our site or contact us today to find out more about how you can join us in Orange and East Orange.


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