Featured Properties: Twin Gardens

twin gardensBenjamin H. Realty Corp. apartments are usually best known for their interiors, with spacious floor plans giving residents plenty of room to relax and attractive design to inspire decorators. We work hard to make sure the homes we provide to our tenants are cozy and welcoming for family and professional life. Beyond the walls of our top-tier New Jersey apartments, the benefits we offer to our residents become even better — especially at the prime location of Twin Gardens, a featured property in East Orange, New Jersey. Twin Gardens sports all the key aspects many of our properties share, including newly tiled kitchens and bathrooms, on-site parking facilities, and laundry machines in the building. It’s also enjoyed a recent renovation to make its interior spaces appealing, secure, and functional.

The streets outside Twin Gardens are lined with trees and connect residents to two parks that are only minutes away. Perfect for those who enjoy outdoor recreation, these parks include basketball courts, fields, walking trails, and many more activity venues. Professional landscaping combines with expert property management to ensure that Twin Gardens is always in optimal condition, inside and out. The experience of living in a Benjamin H. Realty Corp. apartment in NJ continues to offer value inside and beyond the apartment. Contact an agent today to get started and visit us in Orange and East Orange to learn more.

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