Discover Community in Orange and East Orange, NJ

apartments in NJAt Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we’re accustomed to our residents sharing their favorite aspects of life in a New Jersey apartment. We often hear positive reviews about expert property management, spacious units with plenty of room for family and personal items, or quick access to essential conveniences and entertainment destinations. Of course, we’re proud of every benefit our Orange and East Orange apartments offer to new tenants and longtime residents alike, but one of the best aspects of the feedback we get has to do with the community that surrounds each of our properties. Many of our residents leave major urban centers such as nearby New York City to find a quieter, more peaceful, or more relaxed lifestyle beyond the hectic atmosphere of most cities. When they arrive in an Orange or East Orange apartment, they discover a more friendly and welcoming environment, populated by new friends and peers facing life’s challenges and celebrating life’s triumphs the same way — together.

A great new home in an inviting and lively community is an offer we’re glad to make every day. Contact one of Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s expert agents today to schedule a visit to one of our New Jersey apartments, or simply read through the online listings to learn more about our available units and Featured Properties. We’ll be glad to meet you.

Inspired Living in New Jersey Apartments

apartments in NJMost of us have thought about how we might improve our lives and explore new interests if we had more time, but not everyone has a plan for how best to take advantage of having more space. Many of our tenants in Benjamin H. Realty Corp. buildings are surprised when they move into a New Jersey apartment and unpack their belongings only to discover a lot more room to expand and enrich their lives. We’re glad to offer some of the most spacious and affordable housing in Orange and East Orange, New Jersey, and regularly help our residents enjoy more relaxed life in a more open space.

Many of our tenants use the additional space to display beloved decor or showcase collectibles and other personal items. Some have even converted extra space into dedicated work space for hobbies as well as professional pursuits. Others simply use the extra room for storage, savings costs incurred at external facilities and ensuring that important items are always close at hand. Whatever our tenants choose to do with their space, we’re always available to provide support and expert property management. Get the most out of your apartment and live your life to the fullest: trust Benjamin H. Realty Corp in northern NJ.

Featured Properties: Twin Gardens

twin gardensBenjamin H. Realty Corp. apartments are usually best known for their interiors, with spacious floor plans giving residents plenty of room to relax and attractive design to inspire decorators. We work hard to make sure the homes we provide to our tenants are cozy and welcoming for family and professional life. Beyond the walls of our top-tier New Jersey apartments, the benefits we offer to our residents become even better — especially at the prime location of Twin Gardens, a featured property in East Orange, New Jersey. Twin Gardens sports all the key aspects many of our properties share, including newly tiled kitchens and bathrooms, on-site parking facilities, and laundry machines in the building. It’s also enjoyed a recent renovation to make its interior spaces appealing, secure, and functional.

The streets outside Twin Gardens are lined with trees and connect residents to two parks that are only minutes away. Perfect for those who enjoy outdoor recreation, these parks include basketball courts, fields, walking trails, and many more activity venues. Professional landscaping combines with expert property management to ensure that Twin Gardens is always in optimal condition, inside and out. The experience of living in a Benjamin H. Realty Corp. apartment in NJ continues to offer value inside and beyond the apartment. Contact an agent today to get started and visit us in Orange and East Orange to learn more.

Enjoy Nature This Autumn

promenadeThe arrival of autumn is a fantastic time in Orange and East Orange. Both communities in northern NJ celebrate the new season with community activities and special events, but the true beauty of life in these activate and welcoming towns is the natural appeal of the landscape. Inside New York City, where many of our tenants previously lived before renting an apartment in New Jersey, the fall season is pleasantly cool but doesn’t offer many changes in scenery to the urban observer. Surrounded by nature as well as convenient amenities and downtown locations, Orange and East Orange are often better places to view the many changes that autumn brings. Getting out and enjoying nature can be a great form of stress relief and help enrich almost any lifestyle: access to outdoor spaces is an asset about which Benjamin H. Realty Corp. agents frequently hear positive reviews from former city residents.

This is one of our busiest seasons, when prospective tenants are making changes and planning for the following year. We’re eager to speak with anyone who needs a change of scene about the opportunities available in our Featured Properties. Contact Benjamin H. Realty Corp. today and learn more about New Jersey apartments.

Reach out to a Real Estate Expert

the meridianSelecting a new apartment is an incredibly rewarding process, promising change in every aspect of a new resident’s lifestyle. All the same, moving into an unfamiliar town can be demanding, and the challenge surprises some apartment hunters. At Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we take every step possible to make the process of choosing a new home as easy and intuitive as we can, introducing our customers to a higher standard of service. Implementing this vision of truly rewarding and attentive relationships with our tenants is a team of dedicated and highly trained staff. Prospective tenants and current residents alike can trust our company’s agents to listen to any concerns, field questions, and provide solutions or helpful information in the face of everyday challenges.

When you live in a Benjamin H. Realty Corp. property, you occupy an apartment in a top-tier building, but you also claim a space in a supportive community. Our residents are part of a welcoming town and united by both a high-quality shared living experience and a common resource in our expert team. Far from the isolated lifestyle associated with city living, life in Orange and East Orange is relaxed, convenient, and affordable — backed up by some of the best in the business. For more information about renting apartments in Orange or East Orange, NJ, visit

Featured New Jersey Apartments: Ivory Hill

ivory hill apartments in NJOrange and East Orange, NJ, the two towns in which most Benjamin H. Realty Corp. properties are located, feature cozy neighborhoods with a great variety of amenities close to each building. Location is an essential consideration for anyone looking for a new home: finding an affordable hidden gem in a desirable location is one of the best ways that a prospective tenant can get optimal value from an apartment search. Ivory Hill, a Featured Property from Benjamin H. Realty Corp., is just such a gem, located in the exciting community of East Orange. Surrounded by helpful amenities and furnished with in-home conveniences, units in this newly-renovated building offer residents a premier living experience for a modest rent.

Ivory Hill is situated close to both the East Orange Train Station and the East Orange General Hospital: the former offers easy access to a wide variety of destinations through a reliable, safe, and affordable mass transit system, while the latter ensures peace of mind and swift medical care when it’s needed. Within Ivory Hill, kitchens and bathrooms are newly tiled and convenient additions such as laundry facilities and off-street parking make life that much easier for residents. Find out more about Ivory Hill and other top-tier apartments in Orange, NJ and East Orange, NJ from Benjamin H. Realty Corp.

New Jersey Apartments: Stay Here, Go Anywhere

nj parkNew Jersey apartments in Orange and East Orange give residents plenty of reasons to stay home: with spacious floorplans and convenient amenities within easy reach, tenants in Benjamin H. Realty Corp. homes can enjoy every day without straying far from the building. Even so, there are some days and even seasons during which it’s essential to get away and see the sights with more extensive travel. There are few better ways to spend a summer day than with a day trip on the road, and there’s no better place to get such an adventure started than in our community, from the door of your NJ apartment.

Many of our buildings are situated along well-traveled highways and convenient routes to nearby tourist destinations. At the same time, each is located in a smaller town with lots of back roads and opportunities to explore off the beaten path. We’re committed to maintaining apartments that not only provide incredible value for residents at home, but also enhance tenant lifestyles outside the four walls. We’re eager to meet anyone who feels that a realty and property management company should help build homes and not just houses, as we do, and accepting requests for further information over the phone or at our website: Benjamin H. Realty Corp.

Relax in a New Home

the meridianBenjamin H. Realty Corp. employs an expert team of property managers, real estate agents, and custom service professionals who see to each tenant’s concerns in as timely a manner as possible. In the course of resolving issues and improving life for our community, many of our team members have met a significant subset of tenants who moved to Orange or East Orange, NJ from an apartment in New York City proper. Life in the city is rewarding, offering access to cultural opportunities, world-class entertainment, and professional prospects unmatched elsewhere in the region. It’s also occasionally a trying environment in which to live: crowded by a large population, constantly buzzing with activity, and a consistent drain on personal finances.

Living in Orange or East Orange can alleviate some of these drawbacks while preserving access to the benefits. More spacious apartments and greener communities can lessen the fatigue many city-dwellers report, and more affordable rents can make New Jersey apartments a more viable long-term option. For those looking to build a more permanent home, start a family, or simply live a more relaxed life, an apartment in our community is a perfect fit. Stop by our site or contact us today to find out more about how you can join us in Orange and East Orange.

Find Answers to Your Real Estate Questions

promenadeFinding the perfect apartment is a rewarding process, but it can take a serious time commitment for success. Many apartment hunters put in a great deal of time and invest energy researching various aspects of the realty business, aiming to make the most informed decision possible. At Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we try to go beyond the quality apartments we represent and serve as a resource on all things home and lifestyle. Our real estate agents, property managers, and customer service associates have populated our website with helpful information. These staff members are also on hand to help with specific questions and address concerns from prospective tenants.

If you know you’d like to leave New York City for an apartment in NJ, or you’re just considering your options, visiting our site at is an ideal first step. You can find available listings and spotlight Featured Properties to easily compare the features most important to you. You’ll also be able to read about the conveniences offered to residents through the tenants section of the site or find ways to contact professionals working with our company. Benjamin H. Realty is the local authority in top-tier real estate and eager to share insight and expertise with newcomers to the community.


Featured New Jersey Apartments: The Royal

the royalThe Featured Properties from Benjamin H. Realty Corp. are a diverse portfolio of exciting opportunities throughout Orange and East Orange, New Jersey. Each has its own compelling character and each is a draw for a different type of prospective tenant. All are recently renovated, but some have beautiful interiors that go beyond comfort and show off amazing decor and style. All have multiple destinations for shopping and recreation within easy reach or mass transit a short distance away, but some are in absolutely prime locations, surrounded by many attractions and conveniences. Today’s spotlight property, the Royal, is best known for its proximity to shopping destinations in Bloomfield and for its proximity to the Garden State Parkway, which connects the town of East Orange to the rest of the state. As in so many discussions about real estate, for the Royal, it’s all about location.

Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s expert team supports the properties in the company’s portfolio with standout customer service and attentive property management in New Jersey. Our staff can answer any question and address tenant concerns to ensure a positive experience. At the Royal, our tenants can live like kings and queens in a truly rewarding environment. Schedule an appointment to tour your new castle today.