Join the Community in Orange and East Orange

nj parkIn our regular communication with residents, we hear a lot of reasons that Benjamin H. Realty Corp. residents enjoy life in their comfortable and affordable apartments. Those who rent apartments in Orange and East Orange with our company have plenty of room for belongings and decor, plus expert property management to address concerns and make improvements. One of the most often celebrated aspects, however, has nothing to do with the buildings themselves: it’s about the people. Benjamin H. Realty Corp. staff members and tenants alike strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community for every building in the expanding portfolio of properties. Situated in two towns with many amenities and attractions, each building in our lineup has the opportunity to house a group of friendly tenants experiencing some of the best lifestyle features New Jersey has to offer.

Of course, a community doesn’t just suddenly appear: a truly welcoming environment needs to be built by the residents. Every person who speaks with one of our agents has something to offer our community. That’s why we take time to give every applicant and prospective resident personal attention and work hard to match client needs with the ideal real estate solutions. We’d like to welcome you to our community: visit us today!

Reach out to a Real Estate Expert

the meridianSelecting a new apartment is an incredibly rewarding process, promising change in every aspect of a new resident’s lifestyle. All the same, moving into an unfamiliar town can be demanding, and the challenge surprises some apartment hunters. At Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we take every step possible to make the process of choosing a new home as easy and intuitive as we can, introducing our customers to a higher standard of service. Implementing this vision of truly rewarding and attentive relationships with our tenants is a team of dedicated and highly trained staff. Prospective tenants and current residents alike can trust our company’s agents to listen to any concerns, field questions, and provide solutions or helpful information in the face of everyday challenges.

When you live in a Benjamin H. Realty Corp. property, you occupy an apartment in a top-tier building, but you also claim a space in a supportive community. Our residents are part of a welcoming town and united by both a high-quality shared living experience and a common resource in our expert team. Far from the isolated lifestyle associated with city living, life in Orange and East Orange is relaxed, convenient, and affordable — backed up by some of the best in the business. For more information about renting apartments in Orange or East Orange, NJ, visit

More Room to Relax: New Jersey Apartments

apartments in NJThe home is a welcome refuge from life’s challenges, a safe space where residents can unwind from a stressful day or engage in rewarding activities to recharge. Those with demanding jobs in urban centers often need this comfort more than anyone, but frequently struggle to find it. Apartments in major cities tend to be more compact, as real estate is at a premium. Outside the city, though, it’s absolutely possible to find a peaceful, spacious oasis with plenty of room for residents as well as their belongings. Apartments in New Jersey are among the best opportunities for employees in the city looking for more room to relax, and Benjamin H. Realty Corp. manages some of the finest properties in the communities of Orange and East Orange.

These two towns are widely regarded as some of the smartest options, as they’re a short distance from major mass transit routes. This proximity allows residents to easily commute to jobs in the city without needing to live in a cramped New York apartment. Numerous opportunities for recreation and enrichment open up for residents who have some room to spare: hobbies that require some free space become possible and entertaining for larger groups gets more viable and rewarding. Visit us in Orange or East Orange or browse our website to get to know Benjamin H. Realty Corp.

Find Answers to Your Real Estate Questions

promenadeFinding the perfect apartment is a rewarding process, but it can take a serious time commitment for success. Many apartment hunters put in a great deal of time and invest energy researching various aspects of the realty business, aiming to make the most informed decision possible. At Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we try to go beyond the quality apartments we represent and serve as a resource on all things home and lifestyle. Our real estate agents, property managers, and customer service associates have populated our website with helpful information. These staff members are also on hand to help with specific questions and address concerns from prospective tenants.

If you know you’d like to leave New York City for an apartment in NJ, or you’re just considering your options, visiting our site at is an ideal first step. You can find available listings and spotlight Featured Properties to easily compare the features most important to you. You’ll also be able to read about the conveniences offered to residents through the tenants section of the site or find ways to contact professionals working with our company. Benjamin H. Realty is the local authority in top-tier real estate and eager to share insight and expertise with newcomers to the community.


Featured New Jersey Apartments: The Royal

the royalThe Featured Properties from Benjamin H. Realty Corp. are a diverse portfolio of exciting opportunities throughout Orange and East Orange, New Jersey. Each has its own compelling character and each is a draw for a different type of prospective tenant. All are recently renovated, but some have beautiful interiors that go beyond comfort and show off amazing decor and style. All have multiple destinations for shopping and recreation within easy reach or mass transit a short distance away, but some are in absolutely prime locations, surrounded by many attractions and conveniences. Today’s spotlight property, the Royal, is best known for its proximity to shopping destinations in Bloomfield and for its proximity to the Garden State Parkway, which connects the town of East Orange to the rest of the state. As in so many discussions about real estate, for the Royal, it’s all about location.

Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s expert team supports the properties in the company’s portfolio with standout customer service and attentive property management in New Jersey. Our staff can answer any question and address tenant concerns to ensure a positive experience. At the Royal, our tenants can live like kings and queens in a truly rewarding environment. Schedule an appointment to tour your new castle today.

Stay Comfortable This Summer

promenadeSummer is a great season with plenty of opportunities for social interaction and recreation. It’s easy to enjoy the warmer weather wherever you are, but certain areas present challenges unique to the summer season. Urban centers, in particular, can become less comfortable when the weather gets hotter. Usually crowded with tourists enjoying the sights, plus regular residents taking a chance to go outdoors, bigger cities can be high-stress environments even during the relaxing months of summer. Many of the tenants who now live in Benjamin H. Realty Corp. buildings previously spent summers in New York City, where they often report being uncomfortable in the heat.

Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s buildings feature helpful climate control additions and other conveniences, allowing residents more control over their environments. Outside the unit, many buildings are located in close proximity to outdoor spaces that sport pools and other summer destinations. Our company’s expert agents are passionate about introducing the incoming tenants to our community and sharing the best of what we have to offer in any season. Summer is a perfect time to move: before the heat waves arrive and the city becomes uncomfortable, do some research and stop by one of our buildings in northern NJ. The apartments available will surprise and delight.

Enjoy Local Events from an Apartment in NJ

promenadeSpring and summer are busy seasons in our home state. In addition to the usual attractions like parks blossoming with natural beauty and shopping destinations offering diverse selections, New Jersey’s cities and towns are home to many special events at this time of year. The local sports fields and arenas host games throughout the season, giving nearby families a chance to relax and spend time together watching the exciting action. Local stages and parks also showcase musical acts and many other performance arts, bringing inspiring culture within easy reach. All these and many more events make spring and summer in northern NJ a delight for everyone in the community.

Of course, the best part about attending one of these seasonal celebrations is returning home afterward to a comfortable, spacious apartment in NJ. Benjamin H. Realty Corp. is the local authority, representing and managing the finest properties in the region. We’re always eager to connect a new arrival in our beautiful towns with an amazing place to live, complete with reasonable rents and excellent support from maintenance personnel. You can find out more by keeping up with the blog here or visiting hope to see you this summer in northern NJ!

The Majestic: Apartments in New Jersey

apartments in NJOur Featured Properties are some of the best places to live in northern New Jersey: close to key amenities and featuring compelling interior design. Nowhere is this commitment to quality more evident than in the Majestic, one of the finest properties in the Benjamin H. Realty Corp. portfolio. Located in Orange, NJ, the Majestic is surrounded by the beauty of nature, including in nearby Orange Park. It’s also mere blocks from the Highland Avenue Train Station, to make commuting easier for riders. Drivers who reside in the Majestic can easily access Route 280 as well as the Garden State Parkway to transport them to any destination throughout the state.

The Majestic is newly renovated, as you can see in the gorgeous photo we’ve included. With newly tiled kitchens and bathrooms, hardwood floors, and cable-ready setups, this property has everything a new resident will need to build a fulfilling home life right away. In addition, the building’s laundry facilities add extra convenience, and controlled access ensures the safety of all tenants. Benjamin H. Realty Corp. backs up these compelling features with expert property management and tenant services as well as affordable rents on studio, one, two, and three bedroom units. Find out more about the Majestic and discover your next home with Benjamin H. Realty Corp., NJ’s properties leader.

This Month’s Exciting Events in Orange, NJ.

December is an exciting time of year in Orange and East Orange, NJ. This month residents and visitors can take advantage of a few holiday events taking place in Orange, NJ. Here are just three of the many events you’ll find.

Holiday Lights Spectacular

Taking place at the Turtle Back Zoo from 5-9 PM every day, this is an event the whole family will enjoy. The Essex County Turtle Back Zoo invites friends and family to view the holiday displays and illuminated lights through the park. Gently used or new winter coats, unwrapped toys, and non-perishable food items for the needy are appreciated.

Historic House Holiday Tours

At the Montclair Historical Society, visitors will be taken through guided tours that are personalized for each group. Guests will tour the Charles Shultz House, Nathaniel Crane, and Israel Crane. Enjoy stories of the way residents of each house may have celebrated the holidays, as well as stories about the occupants and the houses themselves.

The Captivating Cosmos Exhibition

This is an amazing exhibition that takes on the daunting task of blending astrophysics with art. It hopes to further the understanding of the universe in new, creative ways and  according to reviews so far proves to be an incredible and enlightening experience.

Find out about more events in East Orange and Orange, NJ and let us know how you are celebrating holiday season in the comments.

Apartments in NJ: Easy Commuting at Brick Church Train Station

An apartment in NJ offers residents numerous advantages over similar properties in the city: more spacious homes with more generous floorplans, better surrounding amenities and attractions, and more reasonable monthly rates. Even so, many New Yorkers have steady employment within the city proper and want to preserve their satisfying work lives as they move to a better location in Orange or East Orange, NJ. How can residents in buildings managed by Benjamin H. Realty Corp. commute easily into the city? Nearby Brick Church train station connects former New York natives not only to the jobs they work every day, but also to the bustling communities of northern New Jersey.

Brick Church Train Station is only 20 minutes away from New York’s Penn Station. It also offers nearby commuters easy access along the Morris-Essex line to Hoboken, Secaucus, Morristown, Summit, and many more destinations. Tickets are affordable and offered in convenient denominations, so regular commuters can save with each ride they take. Benjamin H. Realty Corp. owns and manages the best properties in Orange and East Orange, two of the most popular locations for New Jersey apartments. Our company helps prospective tenants every step of the way: if you are interested in a home that will enrich your life and enhance your commute, contact us today!