New Jersey Apartments: Stay Here, Go Anywhere

nj parkNew Jersey apartments in Orange and East Orange give residents plenty of reasons to stay home: with spacious floorplans and convenient amenities within easy reach, tenants in Benjamin H. Realty Corp. homes can enjoy every day without straying far from the building. Even so, there are some days and even seasons during which it’s essential to get away and see the sights with more extensive travel. There are few better ways to spend a summer day than with a day trip on the road, and there’s no better place to get such an adventure started than in our community, from the door of your NJ apartment.

Many of our buildings are situated along well-traveled highways and convenient routes to nearby tourist destinations. At the same time, each is located in a smaller town with lots of back roads and opportunities to explore off the beaten path. We’re committed to maintaining apartments that not only provide incredible value for residents at home, but also enhance tenant lifestyles outside the four walls. We’re eager to meet anyone who feels that a realty and property management company should help build homes and not just houses, as we do, and accepting requests for further information over the phone or at our website: Benjamin H. Realty Corp.

Relax in a New Home

the meridianBenjamin H. Realty Corp. employs an expert team of property managers, real estate agents, and custom service professionals who see to each tenant’s concerns in as timely a manner as possible. In the course of resolving issues and improving life for our community, many of our team members have met a significant subset of tenants who moved to Orange or East Orange, NJ from an apartment in New York City proper. Life in the city is rewarding, offering access to cultural opportunities, world-class entertainment, and professional prospects unmatched elsewhere in the region. It’s also occasionally a trying environment in which to live: crowded by a large population, constantly buzzing with activity, and a consistent drain on personal finances.

Living in Orange or East Orange can alleviate some of these drawbacks while preserving access to the benefits. More spacious apartments and greener communities can lessen the fatigue many city-dwellers report, and more affordable rents can make New Jersey apartments a more viable long-term option. For those looking to build a more permanent home, start a family, or simply live a more relaxed life, an apartment in our community is a perfect fit. Stop by our site or contact us today to find out more about how you can join us in Orange and East Orange.

Find Answers to Your Real Estate Questions

promenadeFinding the perfect apartment is a rewarding process, but it can take a serious time commitment for success. Many apartment hunters put in a great deal of time and invest energy researching various aspects of the realty business, aiming to make the most informed decision possible. At Benjamin H. Realty Corp., we try to go beyond the quality apartments we represent and serve as a resource on all things home and lifestyle. Our real estate agents, property managers, and customer service associates have populated our website with helpful information. These staff members are also on hand to help with specific questions and address concerns from prospective tenants.

If you know you’d like to leave New York City for an apartment in NJ, or you’re just considering your options, visiting our site at is an ideal first step. You can find available listings and spotlight Featured Properties to easily compare the features most important to you. You’ll also be able to read about the conveniences offered to residents through the tenants section of the site or find ways to contact professionals working with our company. Benjamin H. Realty is the local authority in top-tier real estate and eager to share insight and expertise with newcomers to the community.


Featured New Jersey Apartments: The Royal

the royalThe Featured Properties from Benjamin H. Realty Corp. are a diverse portfolio of exciting opportunities throughout Orange and East Orange, New Jersey. Each has its own compelling character and each is a draw for a different type of prospective tenant. All are recently renovated, but some have beautiful interiors that go beyond comfort and show off amazing decor and style. All have multiple destinations for shopping and recreation within easy reach or mass transit a short distance away, but some are in absolutely prime locations, surrounded by many attractions and conveniences. Today’s spotlight property, the Royal, is best known for its proximity to shopping destinations in Bloomfield and for its proximity to the Garden State Parkway, which connects the town of East Orange to the rest of the state. As in so many discussions about real estate, for the Royal, it’s all about location.

Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s expert team supports the properties in the company’s portfolio with standout customer service and attentive property management in New Jersey. Our staff can answer any question and address tenant concerns to ensure a positive experience. At the Royal, our tenants can live like kings and queens in a truly rewarding environment. Schedule an appointment to tour your new castle today.

Promenade Villas: Featured Apartments in New Jersey

promenadeBenjamin H. Realty Corp. manages a lineup of in-demand properties throughout Orange and East Orange, NJ. Each has its own unique advantages and each is an amazing place to live in its own right, but some stand above the rest as especially representative of our company’s core values. Promenade Villas, located in Orange, NJ, is one of the featured properties that has earned a special place in our listings. This is a perfect home base for dedicated shoppers, bargain hunters, and families: it’s within walking distance of Main Street’s many shopping destinations. Promenade Villas also includes units with some of the most spacious floorplans in the lineup, offering tenants the greatest degree of freedom to store belongings and ambitiously decorate each room. The garden setting of the property offers beautiful surroundings at any time of year: especially refreshing to those arriving in a New Jersey apartment from a New York City property surrounded only by concrete and steel.

Best of all, Promenade Villas is among the most affordable buildings in Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s celebrated portfolio. If you’re looking for a new home and considering an apartment in Orange, New Jersey — as many of the most savvy apartment hunters do! — consider Promenade Villas. It’s one of the many properties we’re proud to put front and center.

Get Active This Summer: New Jersey Apartment Living

new jersey viewApartments in New Jersey provide benefits that go way beyond the front door. When you move into a new home managed by the experts at Benjamin H. Realty Corp., you can enjoy a great experience in the home, with spacious interiors and convenient amenities. You’ll also become part of a lively community in northern New Jersey. Surrounded by shopping destinations, outdoor landscapes, and professional opportunities, you can go out and build a lifestyle that speaks to you. One of the best aspects of life here in NJ is the access to wide open spaces and natural environments. In the summer, these unique and abundant features are ideally suited to outdoor sports.

If you’re looking to stay active with a solo workout, you can find plenty of places to go for a run and get in some cardio. There are also multiple parks within a short distance from most Benjamin H. Realty Corp. properties, most of which feature swimming pools perfect for a summer afternoon. Local leagues and pickup games also make frequent use of the local baseball fields, basketball courts, and other community sports venues. Apartments in Orange, New Jersey and East Orange, New Jersey are among the most in-demand properties in the region. Claim your slice of the good life with us today.

Safe, Convenient Transit: Reduce Your Commute

apartments in NJSummer offers many opportunities for outdoor adventurers, families, and more, but it does bring along some challenges for frequent travelers. Lugging extra gear on a lengthy commute isn’t so bad in fair spring weather, but it can be a serious problem in the height of summer heat. What can you do to make summer more comfortable? Cutting down on long-distance travel is a great first step. If you’re a professional in New York City who commutes an hour or more into a high-stress job, you can enjoy a much more convenient, affordable, and relaxing commute with NJ Transit or other public transportation systems. An apartment in a northern New Jersey town such as an Orange or East Orange apartment will put you in the perfect spot: not too close to the city to get stuck in urban traffic, but not too far away.

On public transit, you can even spend your commute doing something relaxing, like reading a book or listening to a podcast. You’ll have more space to stow your gear and you’ll be able to predict the time of your arrival much more accurately. Avoid the hassle, enjoy the experience: Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s amazing properties provide benefits beyond their front doors.

Stay Comfortable This Summer

promenadeSummer is a great season with plenty of opportunities for social interaction and recreation. It’s easy to enjoy the warmer weather wherever you are, but certain areas present challenges unique to the summer season. Urban centers, in particular, can become less comfortable when the weather gets hotter. Usually crowded with tourists enjoying the sights, plus regular residents taking a chance to go outdoors, bigger cities can be high-stress environments even during the relaxing months of summer. Many of the tenants who now live in Benjamin H. Realty Corp. buildings previously spent summers in New York City, where they often report being uncomfortable in the heat.

Benjamin H. Realty Corp.’s buildings feature helpful climate control additions and other conveniences, allowing residents more control over their environments. Outside the unit, many buildings are located in close proximity to outdoor spaces that sport pools and other summer destinations. Our company’s expert agents are passionate about introducing the incoming tenants to our community and sharing the best of what we have to offer in any season. Summer is a perfect time to move: before the heat waves arrive and the city becomes uncomfortable, do some research and stop by one of our buildings in northern NJ. The apartments available will surprise and delight.

Make the Most of This Summer: The Vizcaya

apartments in new jerseyBenjamin H. Realty Corp. properties aren’t just valuable for their interiors: they’re also noteworthy for their surroundings. The neighborhood around each of our company’s buildings offers residents numerous opportunities to engage in outdoor leisure and enjoy exciting destinations. The Vizcaya, pictured, is one of the buildings whose area has an especially diverse and populous community of nearby attractions. Two parks, Monte Irvin Orange Park in Orange and Branch Brook Park in Newark, allow Vizcaya tenants to enjoy the great outdoors just minutes from their front door. These parks offer amenities like open fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and walking trails. During the summer, outdoor activities like fishing and picnics are possible a short distance from the Vizcaya building.

Of course, as a Featured Property from Benjamin H. Realty Corp., the Vizcaya has much more to offer than a great location. Its newly-tiled kitchens and baths ensure a rewarding everyday experience, and its spacious apartments have plenty of room for tenants, belongings, and even guests. Affordable rents, fulfilling educational institutions in close proximity, and many more advantages make the Vizcaya a flagship building for our company. To find out more about this and many other Featured Properties, visit us online at

Browsing Online Listings for Apartments in NJ

promenadeAs realty experts in the northern NJ region, we regularly meet with and advise newcomers to the area on how to find the most suitable homes for their lifestyles. We’ve helped many of our current tenants navigate the challenges of apartment hunting. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a wealth of information about the process. We’re eager to share more of it here on the blog, on our company website, and in conversations with prospective tenants as often as we can. If you’re browsing listings in search of your new dream home, keep a few things in mind while searching.

When you view a listing, you’ll want to check for the basic conveniences that are most important to you. The most important info is about the size and arrangement of the rooms, but you will also want to know whether utilities are included and if the apartment is pet-friendly. Most listings include a review of nearby educational institutions, shopping destinations, or other attractions, so follow up with some research to determine what you’d be near in your new apartment. Finally, photos are always important during a search for a new home: look for views of both the interior and exterior, and contact a representative for more if you don’t have a clear picture.

We’re always on hand to share our own industry-leading listings with you at